Saša Milivojev


Come back
In a slumber
In a contellation
I listen for your soft steps
Vanished touches of mute fingers
Wrap my untouched neck
Like a wineglass overfilled
Like mother’s warmth
I miss
Your dazzling visage
Come back
From afar and remember
Our stage that is washed
By silver rains
Come back
From afar
Say my name no more
But come back
And use no more
Wingless birds to send
Teary letters
In the faded skies
Search for a path of return
As I have waited for you so long
I play with tears
Living every tone
Of our song
Come back
Freeze next to me
So we can melt together

Saša Milivojev



Milivojev (40) - Saša (41) - Spiritual (220)


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