Saša Milivojev


I am looking back
Hoping you would follow
Waiting for you to come back to me
To tell me that you love me
In the darkness astray
Still holding me dear
As if you were here
Yet you are on your way
From the angel’s hand so fine
Nettle burned this heart of mine
Drunk on love
Lost my mind
My soul in wastelands
has gone astray
Searching to you to find its way
If I find thee
Give myself to me
At least to have myself
Since I have lost thee
You are looking back
Hoping I will follow
Waiting for me to return to you
To tell you I love you
In the darkness astray
I have let you go
I am on my way

Saša Milivojev

Translated by
Ljubica Yentl Tinska


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