Run Into The Night – Lyrics By Claire Rasa – ©Reprinted By Permission

Here’s the part where we say we’re sorry for believing in you
Here’s the part where you say you’re unhappy, I’da found someone new
You lie and pretend that its alright to say goodnight
Letting these tears, your tears run dry
It’s time to walk behind
You lie and pretend going off telling your friends
You’re poison and I was your reason to say our peace of mind

OH run into the night, into the night

It was the great escape that had us dancing under city lights
It was the feeling you get when your adrenaline is running in overdrive
The two of us were screaming till our lungs were bleeding
I didn’t want to let go of that feeling
When you were running, I was saying you’re not sorry
I was just dreaming of that feeling

Oh run into the night, into the night
So run, run into the night


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