[Could be this be hijacking?]
[Ship locked, huh]
[Who punched the- what’s stopping this?]

[Stop talking, until after the food’s served.]

[Thy God oh my god oh my god]
[Is there one God]
[I’m out to eat]
[Guys we don’t need to eat mine]
[I’ll hiccup]

[By, by; here, here.]
[Um I’ll hiccup]
[It’s just her]
[Stop talking]
[Give her the drink]
[Life goes on]
[Oh my god]
[Wait for me*]

[Ew that really is really mine?*]
[Look here]
[This is just coffee]
[Oh here the master master master]
[Give us the knee]
[I’m growing up]

[Call the shots]
[Want gangrene?]

[So help me*]

[Don’t go anywhere]
[We might]

[You’re breaking]


[He, he, unlocked, unlocked]

[Give us the tank]

[Chant: Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh,]


[Oh oh oh, ay ay ay, oh ay ooos, we won, we ay, ah ooos.

We won, we ay, ah ooos x2.]


[Oo ah, we ay ay ay we won, we ay, ah ooos x4.]


[Louis the great]

[Here comes the craft the craft]

[Oo ah, ay]
[Oo ahhhhhhh….. ay.]
[ay. x6]
[Ah ee x5]
[Ah ee ay ooohhhh]
[Ah ee]
[Ah ee ah ayyyyyy]
[Oh we won]
[We won x5]
[Oh ee ah oh]
[Continued “oh ee ah” sequences until the end]

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