Rinse, repeat…
Puppy love, hit the street
Something new, something neat
Yesterday’s news, bore me to sleep

You grown so numb, so you can delete
The pain from your past, so it wont defeat
Your present, your future…but its all in vain!
You have to feel something, grow from this pain!

Rinse, repeat
Start a war, where you meet
Your worst fear, obsolete
Look at you now, so incomplete

You got so skilled at hiding your hurt
Pushing it down, where evil things lurk
But let me remind you, this only does harm!
Those things they add up down here, sound the alarm!

Rinse, repeat
Rinse, repeat
If you Keep it up, taste the concrete
Try feeling again, thats your heartbeat
You are alive, just incomplete
Try facing your fears, burn with the heat

You run all day, but stagnant in waste
Going in circles, in a drag race
Let yourself feel, both pleasure and pain
Its what makes us all human, the ying and the yang


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