Raw Fish* Lyrics

Future & Young Thug

…true story, right
[?] be cooking up the raw fish, raw fish
Stacking it up and get a raw bitch, raw bitch
Dripping, dripping all like a faucet
[?], gotta be cautious
Don’t wanna be judged by 12, so I’m balling
Money be on my cell, money be calling
Feel like it’s a celebration and nobody clapping
‘Cause my dawg just caught a body, he be trigger happy
Feel like it’s a celebration and nobody [?] my niggas be [?]

[Young Thug]
[?] and it’s tragic
‘Cause these niggas way too busy big ball capping
Money tall like [?], I gotta have it
[?] but I [?]
How the hell you [?] ’cause you miss me


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