She not just bad to me , she might be bad for me , Boy Do I Know How To Pick Em , I Should Just Dick Em And Ditch Em

And Stick To The Part

She Gotta Ass , That I Did Not Ask To See , And She Gotta Bag To Go With The Bag , One Of The Bags From Me

And She Got Another To Match , She Left With My Heart , I Rather She Left With The Cash , Burn It And Light Up A Match

F*ck It My Foot On The Gas , While Hittin’ The Gas

I Use It To Cope With The Pain , Abusing My Faith In A Bitch When I Shoulda Seen Games

I Use To Play Em , It Should Be A League For That , She Prolly Get Her A Ring , You Know How It Go

It Should Be A Team For That , F*ck It And I’ll Be A Player , I’m Giving The Smoke

I’m Really In Need For That , I Feen For The Love You Give , So Baby Dont Go

She said she love me now but I don’t love her back , I just wanna hit it from the back and don’t you hit me back


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