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Quiet Eyes Full of Fear - ENLyrics



I remember a time when I could speak
The words would fall right from my mouth
I’ve lost all I had
We’ve lost all we had

Three days post departure, you had already turned to stone.

Humanity craves this conflict
spit in my face and spiral down
I’ve come with the intent of nothing less
Quiet eyes full of fear…

Grow up, stand up, you can learn,
no sense to wallow in your failed attempts!
We’ve come to love them
We’ve grown to need them

I’ve come to know how life can fall apart
Haven’t we all
Far off the map, but you are not lost
Quiet eyes full of fear

It seems we’ve come to schism
Of all the other options
sometimes we come together
a moment and it falters
but now I’ve left without you
like you would try and follow
and you will never find us
and you will never find us!


  1. Carla

    September 8, 2021 at 12:36 am

    Has any one here’d her say butt kiss?!????.

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