Quid Pro Grow – Asher Roth Lyrics

Ughh, I’m so bored
Hey Professor Roth, are we gonna be goofing off like this everyday in class?

[Verse: Marcus Smith]
I don’t wanna grow pot, I’m an impatient kid
I got shit to do, I can’t play babysitter to plants
In the time it takes to make enough to roll it and smoke
I will have touched the sky too many times to count, so you know
I wanna kick back, open apps, delivery, done
Getting dirty just isn’t my definition of fun
If I can’t get it in a minute like my burger and bun
I feel I’m wasting life away, just sitting out in the sun
I guess I’m more of a consumer than you horticulture geeks
Here’s a comprehensive list of what I can do in 12 weeks
Learn coding, cure my own bologna
Run a solid campaign to gain my first Tony
Lose 40 pounds using calorie deficits
Knit myself a sweater, gloves, scarf and hat that fits
Start a job at Amazon, piss in all the bottles
Take a trip around the world to search for El Chapo
Eat tacos, bring back the Bell Grande Nachos
Take a class on how to make gazpacho
But pot though? Prof yo, I might have to drop
They say time is money, and I haven’t got a lot
I have got a thought, I’ll buy now, cop to satiate my need
And when your crop is ready I can go distribute your weed
Still illegal in Ohio, let’s keep it on the low
What you think professor Roth, about my quid pro grow?

About my quid pro grow?
About my quid pro grow?

I can sell it
I can be the face of the company?
I mean, what about 60-40?

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