[Verse 1]
All these cards have lived up to their purpose
Now they are a mess upon the table
I sit and observe their bleeding colors
As they, scattered, lay a metaphor for my future

But I am the queen
If you know what I mean
I’ll work my magic in your dreams
The queen of wands, I’ll be

[Instrumental Break]

So who am I but a fighter jet
Flying and bombing in the breeze
And who am I but a control freak
I’ll dictate your every move
If chaos is of a virtue
I’m a minor prodigy
And I’ll fly until I explode you
You don’t want a thing to do with me

[Verse 2]
So I want to know if you’ll still love me
But I’m too ashamed to ask you, so
Please try to forgive me for obsession
I’m not angry, I just want to know

Because I am the queen
And I know just what you need
So just hold me
The queen of wands, don’t leave

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