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Profits From Pot - Asher Roth - ENLyrics


Profits From Pot – Asher Roth Lyrics

[Mickey Factz]
To my brothers on the block who sold bundles of the pot
Just husting for guap, getting stuck up by the cops
See now it’s turning legal ’cause the government can watch
All the profits it can get out of pumping up the stock
No more days that I sell and he pay me
Quick cash then he dash like DJ Skee
Now that they regulating all the THC
Your heart isn’t on the line like an EKG

They can legalize and brand a strand that is [?]

Legal ties expand your bands with a [?]

Legitimize the sales, criticize the jails
That minimize the males for synthesizing kale
Good green provided by herb’s nature
Can now be sold by people to earn paper

Ashamed ’cause they wanted to tax the work labor
[?] surveyors
It’s cool ’cause now we fast rising with product
Imagine if Dre could’ve been franchising the Chronic, wow
I swear that that’s [?] capsizing narcotics
From block hugger to CEO, imagine the dream
Visions that you actually believe
Becoming a millionaire off packaging weed
Don’t get too high thinking it won’t happen for me

I get high ’cause I can’t think about it
Got a champagne taste and I can’t live without it

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