Joey Trap

Alright Frenzy
Yo’, Skinny on this motherfu.ker
You wildin’, Skinny

Dr. Trap is in the trap spot
Whippin’ up a pot, she make it clap ’cause all my tats hot
I do operation with the pistol, sendin’ mad shots
Yes I’m different, but I can’t love on a sad thot
Y’all is stuck in institution, y’all having big delusions
Alien, I’m not a human, I had to get in to it
I just got my wrist in order, y’all at the brick and mortar
Snitchin’ like a damn reporter, I had to cross the border
Never talkin’ to a cop, you niggas snorin’ on us
I done made the city pop ’cause it was borin’, nigga
I was sippin’ straight drop, we pourin’ yellow, nigga
How you get this fu.king wock? I had to tell them niggas
I prescribe myself ’cause I don’t need no fu.kin’ plug connected
He in clinic lookin’ shook and I’m the one suspected
Bitch, I’m the one selected lookin’ at the ice reflection
I got a nice collection, rollie with the ice, inspect it
Diamond tester go brr
Mink on a nigga, young fur
I’m with ya shorty, bet I make her p.ssy purr
Niggas hating on me, I don’t care
OxyContin, hydrocodone
New prescription, I just got it
Niggas linin’ up, they wanna cop it
Fiends watchin’, fiends hatin’, fiends sniffin’, uh
Fiends watchin’, fiends hatin’, fiends snitchin’, uh



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