[Intro 1 : Jimmy Smith]

Good God Almighty, like back in the old days…

You know, years ago they had the A&R men to tell you what to play, how to play it and you know whether it’s disco and rock but we just went in the studio and we did it. We had champagne in the studio, of course, compliments of the company, and we just laid back and did it. So we hope you enjoy listening to this album half as much as we enjoyed playing it for you. Because we had a ball. Only real music is gonna last, all the other bullshit is here today and gone tomorrow…

[Intro 2 : Raxion Stance]


This what happened before the trip right here

Lemme talk to em


[Verse 1 : Raxion Stance]

Lyrical Hades when I touch the mic I leave a trail of dead bodies

I only f*ck with real that’s why niggas can’t stand by me

Always been different when I expose your discrepancies, all these rappers ain’t rappers enough to ever rap with me

Like amputees on war veterans : your stance is a sorry view

I’m something close to Burner B I know they know it too

Crashing to a smitten fate, cause I kill niggas on a daily like corona virus in the Eastern Cape for real

All these niggas are the same, they copy paste lyrics and flows and try to cover that shit with autotune

Stop saying you the GOAT when your whole career is a bunch of corny lines and of course autotune

Flow so fly like lifejacket on pilots

They always ask why I’m this dope I always say if I can tell the truth and kill a rapper in the process, why not?

Ever so [?] at being flawed at showing my flaws

My songs, that shit is real as us

No shit, I’ve seen these dubs, start with me? No shit I’ve been the start

Your chick believes in us, see I’m so sick I think I might’ve caught a virus called Covid16-bars

[Part 2 : Raxion Stance]


I’m a fine nigga

Even my ex is a bitch in her prime nigga

I kill and revive niggas, my skill can despise niggas, my eyes on the prize you niggas lie and switch sides, nigga it’s f*ck friendship I’m only focused on building up on my family

Cause every friend I’ve ever had is now an enemy

Think about the time I had to break apart with Trizzers, that shit broke my heart but then again I don’t play well with niggas

[Verse 2 : Raxion Stance]

Ever since it’s been Reno and I, I’d die for that nigga

Looking over a kasi that’s overlooking a nigga, MseventyDeeTee handed me the beam, showing me the light I’ll forever be deeply grateful to that nigga

Gave you Walk Away when I was drowning in pain

And now my shit is out of this world I can take you to the moon like Elias Vinay

Sorry to the girls who want my love but can’t get it my ex bitch made me this way

I blame it on her when I should blame it on me

Thing is I’ve never been the same with pain weighing on me

Carried the world on my shoulders when I was eighteen, they see effort not the doubt that is weighing on me

I keep doubting myself, second guessing every line I rap and every single track I make when I’m feeling depressed

That’s when I’m seeing a lesser me

The reason my fans believe in me is because I’m not a rapper I am me

You should think about that bar

Rappers are so focused at being rappers that they forget who they really are

Living for the cameras don’t even know what is real, I show you inspiration and success without hiding the fact I feel

I make music bout real life and that’s facts, these rhymes can’t backtrack, seen my intact guess

I hope to be a blessing to Nthoroane the same way that Dennilton is ever so blessed to ever had Dash Hesh

[Verse 3 : Raxion Stance]

And that’s the realest shit I ever wrote

When my grandma died I cried an ocean of tears I couldn’t float

And then I rose about the waves and the tides

They keep saying I should wait for my time

But I’ve had so many dark nights in my life even the Joker ain’t knew

You’ve been sleeping on me, my dreams are woker than you

You must be thinking, “but ‘woker’ is not a real word.”

They said the same about success to every [?] who dropped out of school for music man I’m talking JayHood, The Big Hash and you know the rest

That’s why I’m focused on this shit and I don’t ever rest

Past on the past on my way to getting the pass they passed me when I was ex-ing my ex

I give passion, my verse is setting a class for the next

With depression, I tend to address and cast indirect

They keep asking, am I the best or the best of the best?

I keep guessing, I’m best to define what’s meant to be best

Cause they lines subliminal, yes I am critical, I’m too much of a rapper I’m anti-unlyrical, as I have seen before, past lies I’ve ridiculed, past lines of shifting the entire pinnacle

Lyrical if they denounce my claim

Last year they were intent to mispronounce my name

Now they say that I’m the best and intent on hearing my story

Until the day I rest in peace, to God be the glory

[Outro : Raxion Stance]

To God be the glory

This is Before The Trip, into the world of the Damned & Tainted


  1. Colleen

    July 16, 2021 at 12:36 am

    Very romantic lyrics.

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