Phoenix – Big Red Machine Lyrics

[Verse 1: Robin Pecknold]
Out in [?] light
Watching the [?]
Divided the thing in slowly [?]
Turn up [?] not mine
But I only caught you one time
Later I watch you and wonder what it was like

[Pre-Chorus: Robin Pecknold]
How do you bear the full [?]
How does the long way feel?
Kneading your hand too tight against the wheel
How do you stay in the tower?
How do you [?] your own hour
How does the wheel not turn on out

[Chorus: Justin Vernon & Anaïs Mitchell]
All this time to find my way

[Verse 2: Robin Pecknold]

  1. Tyrese

    August 31, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    Someone remembers when this song came out and it was at every party, it was a good time

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