Tell me what you smile for
Tell me what you cry for
Tell me what you really gonna kill for
Numb to the world
Dumb to your thoughts

Verse 1:
I wrote this under the need for speed
100 on the dash get me close to God hit the gas, Nitro has just been freed (Vroom!!)
Ignite the weed destruction yo! its time to feed
Get me dancing with the Euphoria on a marble cloud, deep in her mind she craves and pleads (VYBEZ x3)
Such a star when I shine bright
Such a nerd with the lens sight
Such a God when I claim lives
Innit VYBEZ the point man?
I’m euphoria, with the Devil grin
You’re smoking green, I’m making you sin
Pen this on the floor, till my body’s experiencing needles and pi-shit it’s pins and needles
(Leggo! Leggo! Leggo! Let’s go!!)
Ay! Started from the bottom like an unfilled drum whodunnit?
Mr. Anonymous massacred ’em while sipping rum like (Yik-Yikes!!) goddammit!!!
Swinging this pendulum till my cerebrum’s dumb
She’ll hypnotize me till I’m fully fucking numb
Ehh criticize me, I’ll vandalize me, till I feel the VYBEZ, then I’ll give myself a thumb
OG told me pop half the pill (half the pill)
Said a’ight swallowed it all, now my thoughts are ill
Hey why’d you think our youngins looking for all these quick thrills
Giving not a f*ck even tho we all know it kills, in the name of chills

Hook 1:
Generation X, don’t tell us what to do! (Or Y)
Cause we odd ‘n’ queers, some straight yet bi as a polar (ever seen a maniac depressed?!)
You swung my mood the minute you flung your rules
Roll me three blunts call it Adidas, brought that mint bill on euffy clouds when I fed my nose

Verse 2:
My mind’s bendin’ off Tetrahydrocannabinol
Candied my nose, can’t feel and my dick is numb
2 z-bars crossed without chasers
Euffy gat her zany, puffing wacky baccy
I had a dream as a Nigga to paint pictures bigger
Than just pulling triggers, numb all my fingers
So I won’t make ’em linger and hair the derringer
Cold blooded paws so I couldn’t dial nor press ring her
Now pity this pithy tho
The Devil made his mind filthy tho he gave him doe
He was at war with himself though numbed by drugs
He needed a solution that wouldn’t depend on his lungs
So guess what he did (guess what he did) oh yh what our youths do!
He looked for hope just to cope
But the only hope he saw was his head in between the rope
Or the lady who was tried of life grabbed the .44
Pacing to Hell’s door
Blowing her brains all over the wall
Slow motioning her body’s involuntary fall (Goddamn)
The world we live in right now
These are the thoughts we thinking right now
The games we playing right now
Self derogating our lives right now
Depression is king right now
Infecting every teenager now
Angst till Anxiety right now
Pacify me euphoria now
Rocking my hoodie right now
Cause I’m feeling moody right now
X pop up my emo now
Watch my pupils dilate damn now
Crying cause I’m happy now
Hope I don’t fall and hit the ground (shit)
Or maybe I’ll learn to fly
Pacify me Angela now

Hook 2:
Mama said son pray to God
Ion listen rather stay hanging with them dawgs
Wanna ask me why? I’ll tell you the plain truth
Cause I feel insecure and guilty when I talk to God

Verse 3:
Ryan Teller with the flow motherfuck tryna be on the low
Time to rage like two caged bulls,
2K2 who came through?
VYBEZTER impersonating pimpin’ ass Gangsters
Obnoxious with the frown, desensitizing y’all with quick numerals
Grab my balls and flick it at your funerals
Interpolating big syllables, with a dot sense, pit-a-patting your heart ‘n’ all
That you laymen pretending at my minimal
Gonna act so phony at my pinnacle
She gave up on him in the car
Green levitate, melatonin elevate
Seen the metador hurry can I vent the door?
In my bulls cutting on the door like a lesbo!
She thought it was dark humor for birds to live on gallows
Till she hit the gibbets and was hanged to death by an overdose…
Mental illness
Who we gonna kill next?
Modern slavery
None with the bravery
Ion represent the youth
VYBEZTER just speaks his truth (facts)
Genius my lyrics if you can decipher!

Pain, Hate, Anger’s fucking Numb
Tameless, Aggressive Sad Youths going dumb

  1. Casandra

    April 16, 2021 at 11:38 am

    The beats though 🔥.

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