No I’m not a ho but I keep it real.
No since in making it if you can’t get a deal.
The love I have for words you will never understand
Success these days are measure by how many Ban yo got
Not by the gift God give you you with it you could be so amazing.
But what do you do, suck for you money, n*gger say get low
And you f*ck for your money .
With this pen I can expand all over the universe
With this pen I can f*ck you with yo money
With this pen I can be head all you bitches ,nap head n*gger and all you snitch with your money .
So stop trying to gas a bitch up an class a bitch up with yo money .
Just try to make a name for myself not play games with the help
Not give brain and be a shame of myself.
Pen an paper,


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