Passed Around* Lyrics


Biscotti Hoe
(Run that back Turbo)

Should’ve knew she was a pass around
We done passed her round’
Red nose, I can’t be the clown
Stop that cap and gown
Pussy hoe, you’s a hand me down, you should leave the town
Freak hoe, you ain’t need a cloud, make her take a bow
(Woah, woah)
Her knees on the ground, keep her on the ground
Yeah ho, need a handout
I’m the cash cow (Woah, woah)
Buddy turn down, bitch you burned now (Woah, woah)
Sucking for a thou’, Fucking for a thou’

[Verse 1]
Lil Bitty’ Bitch, what you doing?
You know everybody you screwing
I don’t really care about your choosing
You fuck with this hoe and you lose it
A basic lil bitch with a booty
I contact to see if she foolish
Im cool on the shit, im the coolest
She might fuck the crew if she boujee
Don’t wanna come be your man
It never was a part of the plan
Ain’t nobody bought you the benz
I know you wouldn’t care what i’m saying
Baby, Pluto and Gunna, and Savage
Yo’ bitch wanna fuck on the twins

[Verse 2]
F and N got frames, you gotta ride with that propane
Back to back, switch lanes
Young GunWun, with Maybach Range
G5 for the plane, rocking biscotti hoe, I dont ride no train
Drip God that’s my name
Leaving no sauce like my shit plain
Birkin for my main, wearing my shirt ain’t got no stains
Yeah its a hunnid, might pass her to Gunna
My ice it got pointers, yo’ ice it got water…


  1. Carol

    June 9, 2022 at 4:24 am

    You are the best.

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