It’s time to grab my suitcase
Stuff it full of clothes
I don’t know where I’m goin’
I’m sure my agent knows
I got to be Gone (You Shouldn’t Take It So Hard)
Out on that road

An Airplane trip to Newark
And bus to Baltimore
But I won’t watch the scenery
I’ve seen it all before
I see my Cinderella Sunshine (Where do you go?)
Out on that road

[Freddie’s guitar solo smooth as Country Wine]

Atlanta to Montgomery
To play those Southern towns
The girls all sweet like honey
With smiles that sends us down (Hungry for those good things, baby)
Out on that road

[Paul’s piano solo (boogey hot); “hey (Just) Like You” ; “real good”]

Across we hit this USA
And Europe in the Fall
The foreign girls are beautiful
And we sure like to ball
We always get our Kicks now (Kicks Just Keep Gettin’ Harder to Find)
Out on that road

Hey la la la
Hey la la la etc
Out on that road.


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