Tamunaka tamunaka dau
(Wonderful wonderful father)
Geleku geleku dau
(Wonderous wondrous father)

Opu ayiba do eh
(Great God, I thank you)
Agonor mou kiri mou teme owei
(Creator of heaven and earth) [Repeat 4x]

Me yereba akpo se elamiye fa
(In the whole wide world)
Ekiri ezuo mene owei
(You are my savior)
Ekiri lemene owei
(You’re the watchman over us)
Dein kpo erein kpo gidigba ke tie mi dau
(In the night and day, you are standing strong)
Efawere yegba egiren-owei ene akpo limoune ye
(If you had not been there, my foes would have eliminated me)
Opu ayiba do ye
(Great God, I thank you)
Opu ayiba nua
(Great God, well done)
Perebose pere-owei doh
(The richest of all, thank you)
Izibe do
(Thank you, Lord)
(Repeat Chorus)

Emene opu ayiba, gidigbo ko dau tamunaka dau
(You are the great God, mighty father, wonderful father)
Emene seriagbe emi, tokoni agbe emi, debamo agbe emi dau
(You are worthy of praise, adoration and exaltation)
Emene ebi mien owei ondu pere owei awou pere owei
(You do good things, the giver of life, the giver of children)
Opu ayiba doooo eh
(Great God, thank you…)
(Repeat SOLO 2)
(Repeat chorus)

Ekon etunmou mou eye fa
(None to compare with thee) 6x
Opu ayiba do, Agono mou kiri mou teme-owei
(Great God, thank you, the creatoru of heaven and earth)

Second Chorus:
Eh.. Jesu nua nua nua ema ekile mo
(Jesus well done, well done, well done, I greet)
Nana-owei nua nua nua ema ekile mo eee
(Owner of the universe well done, well done, well done, I greet)
Ebibone ekon omiyen yaibo owo a toru keremo
(Your goodness towards us has satisfied us)
Nana-owei nua nua nua ema ekile mo
(Owner of the universe well done, well done, well done, I greet)

Greater than the greatest
Higher than the highest
Wider than the widest
I call you Agbada gbururu
I call you the King of kings
I call you Yahweh, way-maker
The great deliverer
Lion of the tribe of Judah
When you open, none can close it
I call you Emmanuel
I call you Jehovah Jireh
I call you Shama
I call you Jehovah nishi
I call you Jehovah, Yahweh, Adonai
Opu ayiba do agono mou kiri mou teme-owei
(Great God, I thank you, creator of heaven and earth)
(Repeat second chorus)


  1. Charlie Zoe

    November 4, 2022 at 4:41 am

    Very meaningful ..

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