Why can’t I understand why, I let myself be so impossible?
Why can’t I give the truth, in return for regret?
It leaves me in wonder and disgust
We want the one thing we’ll never feel
Could that be trust?
Do you want to be me?
Do you want to be me high?
Five minutes of your precious time may be all I’ll ever ask
Five minutes that will never end
Five more minutes for me, for me, just for me
This is all I have and all I will ever be
Feeling all for you
Feeling nothing for myself or anyone else
Don’t fall in love
Could this possibly be, the story of my life?
I’m always waiting, I’m and always wanting more
I guess it’s this little obsession this little obsession
This little discretion that leaves me
Calling out to nothing
I’m yelling into nothing
I’m screaming for this little something, little something life
But I am
Always left running away
Five minutes with you gives me more than you’ll ever know



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  1. Carmen

    January 10, 2021 at 2:28 am

    Thank you.

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