Not For Me – K.A.A.N. Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I ain’t got the aesthetics that they mastered
They wearing a facade, prosthetic, when it feel hollow
A popularity contest, they will follow
How deep is your love, is it that shallow
Same lows that could make a grown man break down
From the ground we rose, I tell ’em I suppose
They was slamming them doors and giving words of rejection
I wasn’t ever looking for acceptance
I knew I had the message
Another day to spread it, it’s a blessing
Down bad nigga, I was stressing
Glass half empty like a crescent
Never learned lessons
Dealing with the traumas stemming from my adolescence
Repressing emotions, Lord I feel hopeless
Gotta keep going, even if the world don’t notice
I never let it shape my focus
I can’t quit yet, nah, staying devoted

[Verse 2]
Yeah I feel pressure
Yeah I been lost in the depths of depression
Keep fighting, I’m pressing
Uphill with the battle when this life wanna test me
Still tryna pull a dollar out of a dream
When your account is on red but your mind on green
Gotta yield to reality but what does it mean?
I never believe in lies they be telling to me
I know it’s all perspective, it’s all subjective
With every song I get more reflective
My thoughts congested, the voices in my head start making suggestions
I can’t accept them, I kill ’em all off then I resurrect them
I’m knocking on the door like the insurrection
I’m at a crossroad in the intersection
Tryna reevaluate what my mind investing in, yeah

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