Now am hurt
More than anything else
(You told me that)
(You’ll treat me right)
No one knows
So they can’t tear us apart.
With you around
Nothing can go wrong
I should be glad
Things could be alot better
( but it don’t matter now)

And now I don’t care whatever you say
You don’t love me and you don’t treat me right
Till now regardless what you do to me
You should not be alone

Verse 1
Even though you are mad at me
I know it won’t get sour
Cos you never gon go
Even though you are sad with me
Know it won’t be long
Cos I always come through
Going down with the rhythm of course
With you am never getting enough
But you never gon call
And you never picking up
Am going so crazy over yo..

What if we keep standing there
With our arms around each other
What if we keep standing forever
I wish that we could stay


You lied You cheated and you flirted
and now denied
But you know
Things happen and all we can do is move on
Even though that we know the truth
All our friends em gon be about it
Our trust and love gon keep us
No mater what we gon be together


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