Nonstandard Lyrics

Lil Boom

(Mo-Mo-MovinBricks got the sauce, ho)

Come through the block with a stick and a camera, tryna do damage
Just poured a four in the two liter Fanta, it taste like candy
Glock weight a ton like it’s Randy
I f..ked that bitch in the Camry
My new bitch give dome, call her Sandy
I want me a mil’, f..k a Grammy
You niggas be broke, I can’t stand you
If you want some guap, I can lend you
This Glock like a rocket, I land it
Nigga, if you want the smoke, we can plan it
Bitch, when I was broke, we had the canned goods
Walking to the school with my planner
This Glock, it come with a mop like a janitor
These niggas pussy as f..k, I can’t stand ’em
Come through with thе bands in my pants
I just took a bad bitch to France
That bitch wanna grab on my hands
Tell the bitch to grab on my dick
I don’t givе a damn what you did
It’s about what you’re doin’ right now
Got a hundred shooters in the background
And I be quick to air it out

Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Ah (Ah), ah
Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Ah (Ah), ah (Ah)
Ah (Ah)

Shut the f..k up, let that money talk
I walk out the bank, I hit that funny walk
My niggas put that money on your head, like a bounty hunt
This bitch can’t even give head, all she do is talk
All she use is jaw, I got two new Glocks
Call ’em Ying and Yang, call ’em Cheech and Chong
When Lil Boom step in the paint, pass me the ball
Please get the f..k out my way, don’t get involved


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