Noah’s Highlight Reel Lyrics


All the patron saints of Texas
All the green men from Mars
All the neon lights in the world
And all the smoke from honky-tonk bars

Turn your hair down
I might head out
Drunk in my car
When I get home
I’ll let you know
And when you get home
Please let me know
If you love me
Please let me know
I’ll come back around

Rodeo lights
Friday football games
Are you laughin’?
Are you watchin’?
Are you waitin’ on my name?

Turn your head ’round
And see me
Under lights all blue
Like your TV screen
If you still love me
Will you let mе know?
If you love me
Pleasе let me know
Ah, if you still love me
Please let me know
And I’ll come back around


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