[Intro: Malcolm X]
I don’t worry, I tell you
I’m a man who believes that I died twenty years ago
And I live like a man who is dead already
I have no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything

[Verse 1: BC ODawg]
The f*ck I look like runnin’ from another man
Can’t even get close enough I’m killin’ niggas where they stand
But I got a bigger plan, tryin’ buy a bunch of land
Me and my brothers at the table, “what to invest in?”
And we ain’t with the talkin’ and shit, just want them back ends
The internet yappin’, doin’ bad we tryin’ clap man
Blaclub, three’s up bitch soon as we walk in
Blue flags, black flags bitch you know we tied in (step on ‘em)
When you step make sure you don’t trip, ‘cause it’ll fall on ‘em
Niggas that ain’t pass it to me, when they had that ball on ‘em
How the f*ck we look as a team, if I can’t call on ‘em
Situations change niggas places you got to eliminate ‘em
Bitches won’t even try and f*ck them, want you to penetrate ‘em
Life style crazier and crazier I’m tryin’ to elevate
Tired of puttin’ holds on my talent I’m tryin’ to radiate it
Stuck between trappin’ and rappin’, I’m tryin’ to situate it
Niggas out here arugin’ “who’s jewels real, who bought it first?”
I’m just tryin’ to see niggas good and what my hood worth
Shorty stayed down off the rip, she get a Birkin purse
Niggas know my hood eighty third and we protect the turf
Started sellin’ weed at fifteen
Wanted to be on TV always had big dreams
I ain’t have nothin’ but a dollar at fifteen
We was goin’ half and half tryin’ to cop whole things


Fear (4) - Hip Hop (463)


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