It’s alright
Don’t need to dry my eyes tonight
Ain’t gon’ be losing sleep coz I’m ok

It’s alright
I’m gonna wear that dress coz I
I can wear anything I like all day

I got it all daddy
I’m glad you’re gone daddy
Love only got in the way

No boy, no cry
Ain’t keeping me awake
Crying your love away
No no no I’m saying

No boy, no cry
No it ain’t gonna ache
Dancing your love away
No no no I’m saying

There you go
Thinking my world was gonna stop
Thinking my heart was gonna drop uh uh

You should know
That after everything you did
That now I’m really over it

Yeh I gave you everything
Took a chance and let you in to my heart
Just coz You threw it all away
Doesn’t mean I have to stay in the dark



Boy (38) - Cry (13) - Fleur East (13)


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