Oh man, I heard Cj out here thinkin dat he da best dat he better then Kay-Kay and N.W.S, yo Cj you need ya sit down before I roast you , wait it’s too late uhh

You think dat you da best but ur da worst you still n number 2 n number 1 that’s first, somebody please get a her’s cause if I can kill Cj wit one verse, you wear ugly clothes wit snot in ya nose I bet I can change ur mind if not I’m very close, I’m not even done imma tell you when ta toast imma turn Cj to a roast, I really don’t like ya plus ya wear a diaper bet you pee ya pants every time you get hyper, I always bring da pages wit da lighter Kay-Kay is da best he doesn’t even pee or wear diapers, after dis I bet you really won’t like me I bet you choose sweet like sugar and ice tea, Kay-Kay is da best gettin in deeper is a likely Cj what are does they ain’t even Nike, Cj is a dork he’s dumber than a fork he wears a diaper cause he was drop by da store, Cj can’t rap imma put him ta rest everybody loves Kay-Kay cause Kay-Kay da best & Kj da best & Jay-Jay da best, everybody loves N.W.S cause we da best Kay-Kay da best & Kj da best & Jay-Jay da best I’mma put Cj ya rest cause N.W.S da best uhh

Yeah yeah try ya tell ya Cj you can’t be better that the best, you think you can try ta diss us you can’t keep up wit a king, I’m Kay-Kay from N.W.S don’t forget about it N.W.A.A.S. & N.W.S till I die, Ya shouldn’t have diss us so now imma finish it

Straight Outta Dallas woo woo.


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