I created a dark world and i am fighting inside of it
I am alone in my war
I am living with my nothingness,
The Acrimony
When i am fighting you can see it
My reality against your lies
I hear
People’s cries, their fights and their helplessness
I see
their poker faces, fake smiles and their heinousness
i know secret hate
that they don’t say each other
These are worse than my inner struggle
You are dying day by day
and you are falling with me to my darkness
Sudden Death
Cold and slient
I feel The Death which all around the world
when i can’t cry my silence reign all around the world
It’s raining
for being defeated in my fight against my darkness
I feel it
Cold of Death
I stand in my darkness for watch me against my soul
I will be stronger when i am losing
that makes me existed
When i fight against myself
I will fight with my lonelessness
My internal darkness that suffocate me
I kill myself and watching it
I am nothing and disappearing in it
This is a reason for my existence


  1. Carolyn

    December 18, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    Excellent lyrics.

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