Yeah i aint pretty but i aint ugly
Seven punches on your forehead make it hold still
Your bestie is a dick sucker
U got the cash ill make you suck up
Till rezcase become your best chase
Niggers talk about me every time i rap shit
Its only a matter of time i start telling them shit
You have brain problem try sensodyine
Trying to get access to my phone it says denied
Im dripping like i came out the pool
I make volcano cool
Everything that comes from my mouth gets all yall attention
I blow the city like im King Kong
I make it vibrate like earthquake
Dont battle me with a battle rap
BET is what aiming
Saying shiit and rolling ganga
Make you spit like a chub with a puncher
Dont tell me about lyrically things
He never messed with me coz he know he will lyrically get murdered
crazy is my middle name
I coz fatal
Im very brutal when it comes to raps
Im fucking with niggers and i let em buckle up
Ask my teachers at my school they call me brainy
Coz i brandish
N*gger f*ck you
When you rap you like a braise
N*gger my rhymes will lyrically brainwash you
N*gger is your brain adopted?
Tell me,i call up my niggers to get you assorted
AND im talking to you trap niggers you fucken idiots
To me youre like a pillar box
That have to be removed
They call me MS coz i make niggers suck their own ass
Telling me that im dumb stupid or dumb thats 69 lyrics
N*gger im a rhyme digger
You push push push push Why
Coz youre an example of a dick
Why would i need a key to walk to your door
You aint got no door youre just an entryway
Telling me about broken english
I dont need the dictionary im an Oxford my self
Am i a copy cat
Im better if im a copy cat
Than being a lonely cat waiting for a rat
Huh give yourself a brake
You said youre a boss
Huh boss come and get the loss
Man i thought you were a narator
Son next time be a creator
Man man shout out to royalty
The n*gger is noisily
I diss alike you
You thought i like you
How could i like you
How about you and i have a conclave
You should know that you aint my Comrade
Man i can put you back in the concave
Spitting shit aint our problem
Your rappin skills got sound soft of
You killing this shit we get it right
Ill put pin in your ass make it tight
Slap your brain make it bring the light
My rhymes aint got no limit
We know you fell in love with her but
Wait a minute h
I see shes cool she brought ice cubes
Wait for the ice cubes get cracked and she be all the way up on the news
And i tell the niggers to stop asking for nudes
Youll trend on YT and get lot of views
Showing her boobs looking so loose
My eyes aint blue
Get a closer look
Man dig your grave
Get shovel go and dig it and bring the telescope
Zoom in my eye and see sarah spoke


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