Many, many years ago, on a distant shore
Men did gather secretly, beyond the hidden door
They traveled long and traveled far-
dark is the night
Yes, this is the place they’ve chosen
to build their metal site

Congregation rises, starts to chant a hymn
of evil, lust and hatred- the root of every sin
The priest, he stands before them-
tells them why they are this way
Why they worship metal gods
each and every day

By the hand of Oberon- dark into the deep
Below- the evil things we do- the secrets that we keep


Metal Church, unholy church- you’ll be the sacrifice
Metal Church , the only church, you know the time is right
Metal Church behind you- can’t run very far
The Metal Church inside you- it knows just who you are
Who you are

None of you can speak a doubt of the things we do
While the men of Earth, they sleep- haven’t any clue
So now the story starts again
all the time is lost
Metal Church begins anew
and it’s all won or lost


The Metal Church


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