Melancholy Dolly, sucking on an ice lolly, feeling kinda lonely in her dolly house.
Melancholy Dolly, waiting for little Molly, to play with her and change her dress, and brush her golden hair.

All her kitchen pots and pans are dirty from the night before, she had a party and was up ’til 4 playing house with some swearing toy soldiers.

Melancholy Dolly, not feeling so jolly, can’t afford a security system to keep the house cat away.
Kitty Kat Charlie, stepped on Dolly’s Harley, broke its plastic handlebars and chewed on its front tire.

Sad and forlorn toy Queen opens her toy icebox to bring, outside to her brand new patio a 6 pack of beer.
Alcoholic Barbie downs vodka and Bacardi, to get herself to forget that no one wants to play.

All her money spent on booze, and cigarettes and late night parties, left her with one pair of shoes, and no electricity to make ice.
Sometimes she has no choice, she sells her body to Batman and Godzilla, to pay for her red Rolls Royce, the monthly payments are due.
Every day she cries for an hour, while sitting down in the shower, because she knows that all her flowers are plastic…just like her.

Melancholy Dolly, the world is really sorry, for making you a victim of society.

© 2020 Minoan Music


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