I wanna be there for you, I want to share my life with you
But all you want to to is love love love. I want to stay with you. You might but I love you, You might not see it but I love you. I can’t remember their names. and I think,
I’m going insane. All you say is I’m lying. You are my Finding light nothing can stop us when we unite and maybe find happiness
all u say is that I’m living don’t go (never, never) don’t go (never, never) don’t go ‘Cause I’m losing my mind Let go (never, never) let go (never, never) let go Or I’ll be lost the night but every time I think of u I get this feeling that I’m never going to let u go
all u say is that I’m living
Alone (never, never) alone (never, never) alone ‘Cause I’ll stand by your side Lose hope (never, never) lose hope (never, never) lose hope I’ll be there when you cry
and if I’m not there you will cry. I fear, the thunders roar
(they roar) (They Roar) You Will Never Ever Lose Me In The Thunder You Will Always Be there for me. All I say is I Love You!


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