these nigga keep playing{bout to make jewels} no predator non of them only smoking in there music swer on my life kill someone without any one seeing and that’s all for the prize in the end i would pretend cops still looking i said lets get this finish these nigga claim that there bottom of deen in real live am singing so sorry for you and your opinion keep it to a sense of feed help me make millions can’t work until 9:35 i guess that wasting time i got it off the muscle hands all on my grind people hating how i shine woke up in this shit can leave out my house without my nine woke up in the churches that boy still husting on the line got to keep a gun that is ninety five nobody wnt to see how am crying and to show am a another hero on the line cannot find opps they love driving step in my world love fighting i an’t got time for no shooting pop me like am thore thee lay would the police do a thing i have my glock saying short shooter don’t need no range my nigga said hurry and pull the trigger to bust his brain my shooter dont’t want glizzy he don’t understand any thing brand new car am switching lanes brand new bi… it’s the same thing nigga keep playing {bout to make medels}no predator none of them they only thugging in there music swere on my live am keep on doing sin don’t care what people saying so in the end i will pretend cops still looking am sayin lets get this finished in real life am winning so good for you and yor opinion helpme make a scences of feed help me make these millions


  1. Kyle

    August 17, 2021 at 10:35 am

    This means a lot to me

  2. Allen

    October 5, 2021 at 6:51 pm

    Perfect lyric.

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