Didn’t have a five year plan
Didn’t dream about a picket fence
Never thinking past the weekend
Drinking, same place, same time, same friends
Just looking for a Miller Lite
A little buzz to pass the time
A couple laughs and home by nine
Yeah, girl you know that I

I wasn’t looking for a blonde hair
Five-seven, Alabama piece of heaven
On a Thursday night
Wasn’t planning on a no sleep sunrise
Kissing by the riverside
Looking into your eyes
I didn’t know what I was getting into
But I knew it from the second that I met you
Your everything I ever wanted
And it came without a warning
I found love and I wasn’t even looking for it

Never thought I’d be the take home type
The call your mama by her first name guy
Maybe it just took the right one to bring it out
You brought it out I don’t know how

I could have spent my whole life looking
For what I found when



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