it’s that time again
half hour past when
the last bar empties and closes down
just the echo of my feet
rattling down the street
as I walk across the bones of this skeleton town

past High Park with its hipster cats
smoking and posing in their wide brim hats
flipping bottle caps up towards the sky
out past the railway line
where old Jimmy marches rain or shine
to the rhythm of the trains as they rush by

I got sad songs on my mind
the broke down heartbreak kind
tonight I’m drunk I’m a little bit stoned
I heard you’re doing fine
for me it’s gonna take a little more time
I’m taking the long way home
I’m taking the long way home

lost track of weeks just how long
my friends all say it’s time to move on
I think they think that I’m not trying
well I wore the soles right off my boots
running from the ghost of you
a thousand miles and I’m still crying


somedays I wonder why
words have to be so sad
why endings always feel so heavy and
goodbyes have to hurt so badly
dreaming isn’t having
wanting still won’t make it true
could I have saved myself the disappointment
by never loving you



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  1. Christian

    August 26, 2022 at 1:02 pm

    2020 still.

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