Loneliness is the Kingdom

When you were born
you just smiled for the pain
You should have learned the secret of life
When You were born with pain

When you were born you were alone
Even without knowing your own world
You created the universe, your sky, your world

You are spending your life with friends
You are living your life with them
You have all of them or you have not
Your life is changing

You are looking at the mirror
That is your face
You were made up from soil
Meat, bones just a sheath

Your ideas make this all real
You live in your body
You wanted to imprison your soul to in your body
One day they will be separated
Remember loneliness is the kingdom

Once upon a time
Body existed without soul
Rather than lose your soul
To live you should kill

You want to be alone
Ashes is a mirror of the loneliness
Only a body what you see
Loneliness is the kingdom

Both of hands for brake your heart
The spirit is putting pressure on your body
Your blood extinguishes fire which from hell on earth
Though you’re in the ashes
Though you’re under the ground
Although your grave in the sky
Remember Loneliness is the kingdom

There is the kingdom!
Existing you


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