hot night in Brooklyn
ain’t seen the light for days
wind gave up on blowing
this city’s knee deep in grey

I got my windows swung wide open
can hear them shouting across the way
can’t make the words shes crying out
but I sure can feel her hate

when I die won’t you bury me
with lollipops and roses next to me
cause I been riding this bitter train so long
I’m in need of something sweet
when I die
let lollipops and roses
cover me

I wear thrift shop shoes cheap lipstick
read Hollywood memoirs
I like to wrap myself in old cliches
watch the weeds grow in my yard

only friends I got are at the laundry mat
we meet Tuesdays on Union Street
play cards drink whiskey to the smell of soap
scrub away at those memories


solo torch song tango
dance across the wire
my feet all tangled up in yesterday
I’m a butterfly at midnight
in a labyrinth of desire
never did learn to just walk way


COUNTRY (244) - Folk (234) - Lollipops (1) - Roses (6) - World (251)


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