Verse 1
You can’t stop me now, (Nah-ah) don’t you see
I’m feeling alive, I’ve set myself free
Now tell me, Baby, I wanna know
Are you ready to lose control? (Hell Yeah)

Build Up
Smell like liquor and peppermint gum
Too many lines my lips are numb
Can’t feel my tongue but I’m having fun
And this is how I get it done
So put your hands up, put ‘em up (Put ‘em up)
And give it all, give it all you’ve got (Give it all you’ve got)

Come on baby, don’t you stop
Here comes the fuckin’ drop! (Drop!)

How do you like this now? (How do you like this now?)

Verse 2
Can you fuckin’ scream?
People say you change when you change your life
Oh yeah I guess they’re fuckin’ right (Fuckin’ right)
It is now the time (Aha) to lose your mind
Let’s get wild , let’s live it up tonight! (Tonight!)

Shot, shot, bottoms up, bottoms up
Shot, shot, we’re gonna get fucked up! (Fucked up)
There is nothing wrong with me
I am who I wanna be
For the first time in my life
I’m feeling alive

Build up
It is time to make y’all sweat, (Ah) this could be your best night yet!
Let’s do another line, come on baby, don’t be shy

Squeeze your tits and bite your lips
And move, move, move your hips (Like that)
Put your hands up, put ‘em up! (Put ‘em up!)
Here comes another

(Ah, are you fuckin’ ready?)
Let’s get loud and shake this crowd
Make it loud, can you hear this sound?
Sometimes girl you drive me crazy
But you know I love it, baby!



Electronic (195) - Lines (1) - Remix (44)


  1. Charlotte

    June 22, 2021 at 4:15 am

    Has any one here’d her say butt kiss?!????.

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