Lil 2z – 2 Baby Lyrics

(Say four, nigga)

I done turned this little shit into gold
I remember it used to be rust
Me and mama own both of our cars
I remember we was ridin’ the bus
Niggas talk out they ass but I promise to God when we pull up, we make niggas hush
Any niggas don’t know shit ’bout that boy 2, tell them niggas get off of my nuts
Need a bitch with some ass, if the law pull us over you gotta put this sack in your butt
Niggas come ’round the set, get to thinkin’ they gang, but I promise they not one of us
My whole life was a four ’cause I swear it was tough
That bitch couldn’t hold it down, now that bitch living rough
He done popped his first pill now he can’t givе it up
Told my dawg, “Nigga you starting to turn to a klep'”
Rubber band up them racks and thеn throw ’em in the duffy
I’ve been chasing this paper, I smell kinda musty
I’ve been bustin’ my gun so my shit is not rusty
And I know that boy mad but I bet he won’t touch me
Look I ain’t gon’ lie, I just got me some cuddy
I hit ’em one time, after that they get ugly
After she eat the dick, send her back to her hubby
I ain’t shit, but these hoes make me sick to my stomach
Said your niggas is real but yo’ ass is a dummy
‘Cause me and my nigga got the drop from yo’ buddy
It get crazy when shit get to involving money
I’m from where it rain, tryna get where it sunny
I’m the shit, make you smell it, I ain’t finna flush it
Put the chopper on auto, you ain’t gotta clutch it
It’s small but it’s deadly, I call it lil’ Chucky
If it’s blue or it’s green, it don’t matter, I love it
Bitch calling me rude ’cause I asked her to suck it
If it ain’t bringing profit, I ain’t finna touch it
When we didn’t have no lights, had to sleep at my cousin’s
Now I’m sellin’ this music and smoking these nuggets
I keep stuffin’ exotic in all of these Russians
These niggas keep trollin’ to keep they self buzzin’
I cop bread for breakfast like I’m eating muffins
I’m not tryna talk, baby, let’s get to fuckin’
You can tell by the roots growing under my red bottom shoes that Lil 2z got his out the dirt
And that bitch that you fuckin’ ’round with, told me y’all lil’ plan
Why the fuck would y’all think that shit work?
And I know that they call me Lil 2z but no matter what, bitch I’m always gon’ come out in first
And I just left the mobile home, I just weighed up a few p’s, but I spilled a whole ounce on my shirt
Watchin’ SmackDown at Nitas ’cause we ain’t have cable
Nobody but mama put food on my table
My mom named me Angelo ’cause I’m a angel
I’m bustin’ this chopper sideways from an angle
I’m bustin’ this bitch from the back while I spank her
My daddy wasn’t there, but I still gotta thank him
If it wasn’t for him then I wouldn’t be able
That’s why I don’t hate him, my nigga, I’m grateful 


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