It’s Leena Martins

Straight up!

You are welcome to new Generation, enough is enough we Live a letter to the President baba your time is OVER.

Shebi nobi today were the boys them been the beg for freedom una the loot our money were make we the SUFFER.

Senator the earn 29million, every day strike, no school, them the pull on Rangerover,
Making poverty to increase everyday for Naija, Covid19 palliatives Eke Enogho owo ima-idi DISCOVERED.

Unbelievable our politicians them be ROBBERS,
Satan better pass them, oh God, them be SCAMMER,
Election time ase ado DRAMA,
Baba no the Lack GRAMMAR
‘Like’ vote for me if I win everybody go HAMMER
I’ve made up my mind sir, never to vote for anybody above 50th.
See old men don loot us since 1960.
So put away your 500 Naira leave GISTING
Sir, we the youths are taking over old men are RISKY.

It’s a new revolution we no break the LAW
Na we go make Muslim to shout ‘PRAISE THE LORD’.
Sir forget about it, never you say a WORD
We can’t afford to be living in a crazy WORLD

Just imagine NEPA office no get LIGHT na GENERATOR, even Hospital no facilities sir what is your MISSION?You say we be Lazy Youths but you’ll be watching TELEVISION
You don’t care about the lives of citizen ABOMINATION.

Tribalism every corner that is even the WORST.
End Sars Protest, you see many people we LOST.
So many people are gone, abasi Ke Ikeme-adi TRUST.
Old people are FAKE ‘akom’ ekpe ebiom JESUS.

We are no more LEADERS of TOMORROW we go lead TODAY.
Baba you see that Aso Rock? You go leave TODAY!.
Enough is Enough akpe ama nam election EAST to WEST.
Baba your time is over. Sir. you really need to REST. So GET UP!!!

Yeh ee eh
Ohh oh oh oh oh
Eh eh eh eh

No one knows
No one know oh ohh
Iyeh eh eh eh, eh eh eh eh
(No one Knows )


We are the New
We are the New
New Generation
Enough is Enough


  1. Megan

    July 17, 2021 at 6:56 am

    Even a bird flaps as much as its wings.

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