Police Brutality
Somebody save my city
In my city wey we Dey
If u get dread lock Omo you be bad boy
In my city wey we Dey
If u carry laptop Omo you be yahoo boy
In my city wey we Dey
If you get tattoos Omo you be cult boy
In my city wey we Dey
If you drive benzo o ! Omo you be fraud boy
End Sars, End swat, End sars End popo X4

F*ck sarz
F*ck Popo
you looking good
omo na sin oo oh
wen u driving good car
them go stop you
Stop there
wetin u carry
you be yahoo boi
you get dread
you get tatto
when them near you
them go start to calcu
you no gree
aswear them go gun u down!
naso them dem dey run am…

-Shakata kariboto
Kariboto Riboto
-Na different matter just dey happen for my igboro
-If dem no go our way
-We no go make dem to comot
we go make dem to frustrate o
-Cos E Dey Paini Me O
-And E Dey ! And E Dey !! Baffle Me O
-Cos E Dey Paini Me O
-And E Dey ! And E Dey !! Baffle Me O

Arida rida rida rida
Bee Na Ni Yeh rida
Almagamation no be only lugard anymore
Cos Youth don come together
Lekki masssaca peaceful protest for lagos
oga presido who give order ?
Tell this people make dem wake up
All dem know na to just borrow
Only time wey Nigeria no get money
Na wen devil want to sell sorrow
You fool my grandma
you fool my mama
Iran meta o ridin oga na kana
We no want Swat
we no want SARS
Dema shuti shuti boys dem ma

View don change aye ti yato so vhs
Sorosoke generation….mhen a gboriwo be
You wan off d mic
Cus we know our right
After masaka night
The sun go shine….

O candle light for the people who lost their lives Ye Ye Ye Ye
Sun would shine , Naija Youth Make We No Fear


Hip Hop (457) - Lekki (1) - Massacre (1)


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