Lapis Lazuli – Asher Roth Lyrics

Where’s my lapis?
I need my lapis before I start rapping
I’m establishing my routine and this be my new thing

A travesty, a tragedy, a uh natural catastrophe

Actually it ain’t even a big deal

[?] no matter how you feeling

Just keep swimming Dory and telling yourself whatever story helps you sleep at night, even if you need a light
What you reading? Any book suggestions?
That would be tremendous
Feel like the progression in this rap game is sadly

I sip Guinness with the winners, give me two please

Not disrespecting and I’m sure the pain’s effected you
But T-Pain records as a setting is a better room

Maybe you should get a room, how about seek counseling?
Man sit down for a bit, yo you’re babbling

Tell me what you’re grappling with, it’s a hassle I bet
But depression is denounced, get out the house for a bit
Do I sound like a script? From Woody Allen I bet
‘Cause I’m just pouting on the couch, browse around Netflix

I can’t find nothing, all so mind numbing
Fools be line bumping to cope with time doubling

Things keep speeding up, Earth keeps heating up
Need like a first aid kit and a beefy truck

So if it all erupts I can run from like Pierce Brosnan in Dante’s Peak
Man that sounds so sweet

But the truth is the single used [?] plastic apparatus is actually some bad shit

If we don’t practice [?] apples and to stack chips man, things can get drastic

Listen to Ash kids, he’s got heart
More clever lines than the signs at a liberal march

College gameday, way more lite
Temple Notre Dame on some hayday shit

I’m on some play my shit
I’m on some Pele trips, for real

Used to be all about a deal but still it’s all about a mill

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