Chorus: I been on a roll like I told ya, told ya
Hoppin out of fours like a solider, soldier
N***** on the boat that’s how they sold ya sold ya
Draco Dave everything Kosha, kosha

Draco Dayve:
Bitch I am the greatest like Ali in his Prime
Ima blow a bag on her no more wastin’ my time
True the way I did shit probably all out of line
What’s the line when you got the blind leading the blind
Draco Dave get to shootin I can’t stop it
All this clout chasin got the movement (?)
I don’t want the bread but instead give me the profit
P**** a** n***** never try me he can’t knock it
N***** comin’ for my head, ain’t gon (?)
Draco on me til I’m dead
F*** the state I’m goin’ fed
N***** snitchin’ on himself throw them in a cell
Had to get my flame cuz these n***** out here hell

Chorus: x2

Honey Codeine:
Came out of Cali and I think I’m here to stay
My name Savannah middle name is Renee
I mix honey with codeine ‘cause it’s just my taste
Mix fire with day-day, and he gave me a deal
You don’t wanna race me if we get behind the wheel
Got the hella fresh pack and it came all sealed
If I told you I was hated then would you believe me
I got b***** wishing death upon me and my name
I can never tell a lie to your face, believe me,
And all you b***** hating all look the same
Look I really don’t care what you say at the end of the day I’m still okay

Chorus : x2


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