KALEO – I Want More Lyrics


Feels like the weight has been lifted away
But if she leaves me there I won’t run
Please pass it on
Carry me down

All you need to know is I want more
Looking for, more
I want more, more
I want more

So light
Hold back the night, wait until it’s right
But then you fold your hand into mine
Watch as the waves, fall back into place
Don’t you leave me there wanting more

More, like before, more
I want more, more
I want more

Turn back
Leave all you had
Forgive, I’ll forget
‘Cause what we need is what we once had
Time won’t stand still
Just say you will
Because I need you there

If you leap I’ll come
Falling too
Running deep ‘till that
Rivers through

I don’t mind what you have to do
I won’t think less, less of you

I want more…

Old grounds
Feels like the weight
Has been lifted away
So don’t you leave me there wanting more

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