daddy’s little girl
says she’s his whole world
ain’t never raised a hand
cause he ain’t that kind of man

never pays any mind
the things he says that are so unkind
careless words that cut so deep
teach her what she’s supposed to be

nobody’s gonna save you
nobody’s gonna make the way for you
nobody thinks it matters what they say
it’s just words anyway
it’s just words anyway

young boys can be so sweet
so cruel so indiscrete
young girls spreading lies in the dark
nasty bite to go with that bark

keep your head down
don’t make a sound
get lost stay safe in the crowd
cause whispered words can be so goddamn loud


sticks and stones
can break your bones
but words they shake and shape you
stick and stones
can break your bones
but words they mold and make you


COUNTRY (244) - Folk (234) - Words (5) - World (251)


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