I’m gonna lie here on the floor
For just a minute more
As I try to catch my breath

I know I can’t stay here
But it’s been that kind of year
I’m too tired to clean this mess

I don’t hear the rain
Sun or clouds all the same
Toss today in with all the rest

Just for now
I’ll be quiet I’ll be still
Just for now
Wont try to climb that hill
Just for now
I’ll live the sorrow
Won’t beg steal or borrow
To get thru tomorrow
It’s not forever
It’s just for now

If I could wear someone else’s shoes
Pay someone else’s dues
I’d be on that train tonight

It wouldn’t matter where
Just not here is all I care
It’s so hard to do what’s right

So I’ll hold the line
In this moment, this time
If I can make it through this night


Gonna stay here on the floor
Till I don’t need to anymore
And I’m steady on my feet

Cause I’m paper to the wind
The waves keep crashing in
My tiny boat in this great big sea

Some days it’s a different hell
Riding this carousel
Spinning endlessly


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