I will take your hand
Don’t give a fright
Know I’m alright
I can walk you into the light
I’ll sing you a song
It will fill me with delight
I like to dance throughout the night
I won’t start a fight
I’ll make sure you’re alright
My goal insight
Despite what people might say
I’ve never been led astray
I have my own speech
I hope to reach
I hope to teach
What is smoothing that you y’all for
I soar high
I broke my ties
Don’t hurt anymore
Hope you know what I’ve got in store
Now that you broke down my door
I strive for a loud roar
I love to tell lores
It’s my life
I know that it’s right
Know to fight
I’m not weak
I’m unique
Not a freak
I can speak
I tell the truth
Can’t take your speech
I was sad in my youth
I can help you
I’d love to know your view
Will not led you askew
I will lead you into the light
Join me tonight
I’ll let you speak
So just preach
Don’t let them
They’ll try to steal
But it’s your right of speech
Don’t let um leech
Can’t impeach
Can’t unteach
I’ll let you speak!



Hip Hop (608) - Light (19)


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