I wasn’t looking for love
But I knew you’re the one
Ever since that night
Who knew a beer with the boys
In the smoke and the noise
Was gonna change my life

When we left all our friends at the bar
You were playing with your keys leaning on my car
Saying “where you wanna go?”
I said “I got a spot that no one knows”
Then we played twenty questions
You asked about my exes
How many tattoos I have
And if we’d take a left and
Grab some Chick-fil-a
Cause you barely ate today
Said, “you gotta try the fries and the milkshake”
Then we laughed and we drove by the light of the moon
We parked and we walked and I first kissed you
Where the trees met the water
And I fell in love with the pastor’s daughter


COUNTRY (269) - Folk (259) - interlude (7) - Love (126) - Sound (6) - World (277)


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