Inside They Head* Lyrics


One inside they head, I ain’t got to cock it (No)
Two thousand for my pants ’cause they pocket watchin’ (Yeah)
Bitch, don’t leave the Lamb’ ‘less I got a deposit (Yeah)
Strapped up with my mans ’cause the streets are poppin’ (Ooh)
I hopped up out the Porsche and jumped straight in the ‘Rarri (Skrrt)
15 million bands or more, how they waitin’ on my projects (Waitin’ on my projects)
This a coupe, thirty bands and go, yo, look at my luggage (No cap)
I got too big, these strangers walkin’, now it havin’ me clutchin’
Spent a car, turned it on, it’s a Mulsanne
Black on black lil’ [?] look like Bruce Wayne (Bruce Wayne)
This shit ain’t ’bout money but I’m true to the game (I’m true to the game)
Disrespect my crew and we gon’ shoot like Dwayne (Racks)
See me comin’ through, lil’ nigga, move out the way (Move out the way)
You try to rock me in the [?], we done blew up your face (Blew up your face)
I’m at the [?] in the ‘Rari but I chill in Palace
[?], I can’t let that nigga fuck up my-


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