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News Report…
Ding ding
Breakfast served at the table for you
Pancakes with the fruit, with the bacon & juice
Eggs yo & guess what? They made em for you
You ain’t have to go & get it cos they gave it to you;
You probably think like big deal… Some plate & some food
But you’re friend don’t, the only time he ate was at school
But he to embarrassed to share it so he play like its cool
But inside he hurt! His people ain’t raise him like you!
But he ain’t trippin, he gon’ hit the block & make somethin’ shake
His brother locked up so he cool if they take him away
Them girls love bruh,
They like he so crazy that’s bae & he
Is crazy cos his life made him that way!
But look at you soakin it up…
Now you trappin & slangin, now you’re rappin & bangin
Now you in the trap with them gangsters
Not for real though, but to people that’s what you claimin &
They see through that, yeah they know its a act & you hate it;
But it hurts know that you ain’t a gangster
Cos all them bad girls really want gangsters
Now the gangsters just really want paper
When all you really wanna do is be a neighbour;
So soon as you move out the house, you moved straight to the hood
To the face of the hood, you spend every day in the hood
You should’ve chased your potential, you was chasin the hood
Ended up broke, now you understand it ain’t really good;
But it’s too late, now you gotta find a way out
Now you gotta live that life that you was lyin about
So now you strapped up for real
Trapped out and tryna get your back
Up for real, bills backed up for real!
You in the streets now cos that’s what you always wanted
But now you out here robbin cos you really ain’t got nothin
Now you really trappin
People know! You make it public!
It’s jealous people that wanna know what you makin from it!
The most dangerous people are not dangerous people
It’s the people tryna prove that they dangerous people
People like you that want acceptance but ain’t really evil
People like you that can’t accept it & hate they ain’t evil;
But congrats you a g now dog
Old school Gucci on repeat now dog
Everything you wanted is complete now dog
You’re homies think you’re really from the streets now dog;
Only problem is, when you live it, there’s consequences
25 to life, your friend, he got locked in prison
Somebody snitched on him & you thought you was next
But they lied. Said it was you.
So you got shot in the neck…
There really ain’t no reason to get caught in the streets
But some people I give a pass cos that’s all that they see
But not you, not you
You chose that life, that life ain’t choose you;
Rap music, did that do it?
Or what was it that had you so influenced?
Rap music, did that do it?
Or what was it that had you so influenced?
I just wanna know…
News Reporter…


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